Scotty Wagner Artist

Scotty Wagner is a multimedia artist, filmmaker and editor working in fiction, documentary and cause-based media. His fictional work has been presented at museums, festival and theaters such as Currents New Media Festival, MOCA Tucson, Disjecta Portland, Northwest Film Forum Seattle, among others. He has contributed to documentaries about vigilante security, juvenile incarceration and more, which have been shown nationally and internationally. As part of the effort to protect American democracy, he produced a series of ads for Joe Biden for President and continues to produce videos as Common Stance Media for progressive causes. 

MFA Studio Art - University of California Santa Barbara 2017
BFA Performing Arts Technology, Media Arts - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 2011

2020 Hosted Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts Annual Auction, Online
2019 “Weirdo Night” Zebulon, LA Curated by Dynasty Handbag aka Jibz Cameron
2019 “100 Year Plan” Currents New Media Fest, Santa Fe, NM
2019 “100 Year Plan” Field Contemporary, Vancouver, B.C.
2019 “100 Year Plan” Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, WA
2019 “100 Year Plan” Disjecta, Portland, OR
2019 “100 Year Plan” Real Time & Space, Oakland, CA
2019 “100 Year Plan” The Mortuary, Los Angeles, CA
2019 “Scroll Hole” Front Space, Kansas City, MO
2018 “Trial Child” Mini Microcinema, Cincinnati, OH
2018 “100 Year Plan” DIG Slamdance, Los Angeles, CA
2018 “100 Year Plan” MOCA Tucson, AZ
2018 “Couples” The Hand Space, Brooklyn, NY
2018 “Double Gaze” ACRE Projects, Chicago, IL
2018 “Trial Child” Tucson Fringe Fest, Tucson, AZ
2018 “Double Gangers” Screen Share Gallery, Chicago, IL
2018 “Fit Bits” + “Trial Child” MOCA Tucson, AZ
2017 “Trial Child” Open Eye Theatre, Minneapolis, MN
2017 “Trial Child” NowSpace, Los Angeles, CA
2017 “Trial Child” SBCAST, Santa Barbara, CA
2017 “Trial Child” UCSB Art, Design & Architecture Museum

2019 Artists in Residence, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, NE
2019 CultureHub LA Microresidency, Los Angeles, CA.
2018 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant for “100 Year Plan”
2018 Artists in Residence, MOCA Tucson, AZ

2019 Currents New Media Festival, Santa Fe, NM
2019 Otis College of Art & Design, Performance Class with Cara Levine, Los Angeles, CA
2018 Kenyatta University Department of Art, Nairobi, Kenya
2018 MOCA Tucson, AZ

2019 Parch Es and Amanda Horowitz on “100 Year Plan”
2018 Arizona Public Media Interviews
2018 Luc Goodhart Review for Brink Media

Contibuting Member to Documentary Films:
2016 “Natural Life” Seattle Transmedia and Ind. Film Festival, WA. Director Tirtza Even. (PA)
2016 “Natural Life” South by Southwest, TX. Director Tirtza Even. (PA)
2015 “Natural Life” NYC Independent Film Festival, NY. Director Tirtza Even. (PA)
2012 “Detroit Threat Management” Jam Handy Detroit, MI. Director Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman. (Producer)

Solo Work:

2013 SHED, Oakland, CA: “We’re Going Somewhere Somewhere”
2011 Duderstadt Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI: “On the Verge” 
2011 Toledo Greyhound Station, OH: "Just Reading the Paper...”

2017 UCSB Museum of Art, Design and Architecture: “Past is Prologue”
2016 LightWorks: Isla Vista, Isla Vista, CA: "LightWorks"
2016 The Fed Galleries, Grand Rapids, MI: “The Land of Here and Now”
2016 Red Barn Gallery, Isla Vista, CA: “Untitled: The Olympic Six”
2016 Radical Abacus, Santa Fe, NM: “Raylets”
2015 Marymount California University: ”Chrysalis Lens: A Brief Survey of Contemporary Video Art”
2012 Open Spaces, Detroit, MI: “Right Through Walls”
2011 Gallery Project, Ann Arbor, MI: "American Dream"
2011 Work Gallery, Detroit, MI: "Perspectives on Pain"                                                          
2011 2739 Edwin Gallery, Detroit, MI: "Prime Candidates"
2011 Slusser Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI: " International Collaborative Exhibition "                  
2011 Gallery Project, Ann Arbor, MI: “Unhooked From Time”
2011 1018 Canton, Detroit, MI: "Myriad Shocks"
2011 Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, Birmingham, MI: “Michigan Fine Arts Competition”   
2010 Work Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI: “Sub-terrain”-
2010 Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, Detroit, MI: “Scrummagefest”      
2009 Work Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI: “The Five Senses”
2009 Work Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI: The Five Senses”
2009 Duderstadt Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI: “Sync 2009”
2008 Work Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI: “Elbow Grease”                                                                    

2017 Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson: “Figurelight”
2016 Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA: “Figurelight”
2016 The Mercury Lounge, Goleta, CA: “Figurelight”
2016 Strand’s, Joshua Tree, CA: “New Songs”
2016 Red Barn Gallery, Isla Vista, CA: “1,000 Years of Trial Child”
2016 Ventura Harbor Comedy Club Ventura, CA: “James Sinclair”
2015 Camp Gay, Abiquiu, New Mexico: “Mediations on Time”
2015 Vacation, San Francisco: “XYZ”
2015 Elk’s Lodge, Ann Arbor, MI: “Dancing Blind”
2014 di Rosa Preserve, Napa, CA:” Talk My Language”
2014 Lobot, Oakland, CA: “Coyote’s Fake Email Address”
2014 Shared Space, Pentwater, MI: “Quintus from Nay’tcha”
2014 DittoDitto, Detroit, MI: “Public Lands”
2014 Starline Social Club, Oakland, CA: “SALTA”
2014 Oak Glen Park, Oakland, CA: “Creeky Bodies”
2013 Oakland, CA: “MOWOM” (w/ Bailey Hikawa and Erin Jane Nelson)
2012 Important Projects, Oakland, CA: “Love’s Labor’s 1” (Erin Jane Nelson)
2008 3LD Art & Technology Center, New York, NY: “The Extended Dream of Sheila McAllister"     
2007 PS122 New York, NY: “Horatio in New York”   

2017 Art Farm Artist in Residence - Marquette, NE
2016 UC Santa Barbara Art Department Fellowship
2016 UC Santa Barbara Carl Levitan Fellowship
2016 Recipient of LightWorks: Isla Vista Grant (California Arts Council)
2015 UC Santa Barbara Art Department Fellowship
2014 Shared Space Studios Artist in Residence - Pentwater, MI
2013 Visiting Artist, University of Michigan, School of Art & Design
2012 Visiting Artist, Syracuse University, Department of Transmedia
2011 Best Experimental Video, Detroit Independent Film Festival - “Come’ere”

2018 Toronto Queer Film Fest: “Useful Information”
2016 UCSB Art 7B - Image Studies: “Depressing Mysteries of Trying to Stay Alive”
2011 New Filmmakers New York, Anthology Film Archives: "Com'ere"            
2011 Detroit Independent Film Festival: "Com'ere"                                                                                  
2010 Fargo Film Festival: "Facial Features"                                                                             
2010 Wisconsin Film Festival: "Facial Features"                 
2010 Detroit Independent Film Festival: "By and Lodge"
2009 Michigan Public Television: "Frederic William Wagner 1916-1956"

2014 Oddball Films, San Francisco, CA: “Beyond Words: The Art of Communication”
2014 Oddball Films, San Francisco, CA: “Ethnographics: Ancient Cultures in a Modern World”
2013 Oddball Films, San Francisco, CA: “You Are a Rainbow/The Human Potential Movement”
2013 Oddball Films, San Francisco, CA: “Stand Your Ground”
2012 Open Spaces, Detroit, MI: “New Works by Izaak Schlossman”           
2010 Burton Theater, Detroit, MI: “Moving Pictures I, II, III”

2017 Spring: TA Sculpture
2016 Winter: Glass Box Gallery Instructor
2016 Fall: TA - Art 32B: Introduction to Digital Video
2016 Spring: TA - 7A: Art and Life
2016 Winter: TA - 7D: Art, Science, and Technologies
2016 Winter: TA - Art19: Intro to Digital Photography
2015 Fall: TA - Art 32B: Introduction to Digital Video

2015-2017 Graduate Teaching Assistant at UC Santa Barbara
2013-2014 Archivist at Oddball Film+Video, San Francisco, CA
2011-2015 Assistant Tech Director, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor, MI
2010-2012 Converging Media Consultant, Digital Media Commons, University of Michigan

PRESS: Review of "The Land of Here and Now", June 2016.
SFAQ Review of "Beatnik Meteors" by Sarah Hotchkiss, Feb 2014. Issue 15, p. 72-73
Knight Arts review of “Prime Candidates” by Matthew Piper, July, 2011. review of “Unhooked From Time’” by John Carlos Cantú, April, 2011.
Review of “Unhooked from Time” by Clara DeGalan, May, 2011.
Review of “Unhooked from Time” by Tom McCartan, May, 2011.
The Michigan Daily review of “Subterrain” by Brad Sanders, 09, 2010.
The Michigan Daily cover photo, of “Face Lift” from the show “Subterrain”. By Marissa McClain, Sept, 2010. (print only)