Scotty Wagner Artist

Scotty Wagner



100 Year Plan is a live-cinema experience of an online variety show by two creatives who put everything on the line for digital success. Set to probe our physically and virtually hybridized minds in the midst of automation takeover, 100 Year Plan combines livestream performance, prerecorded videos, songs, websites and wearables into a humorous take on creative life in the era of late stage capitalism.

In a society that values self-control above everything, potential parents Dan and Peg attempt to teach a robotic replica of their would-be child, Torrent, to master his impulses. Trial Child is an HD video, a live performance and an immersive installation. 

Useful Information takes the pages from old journals as source material for something entirely new.

This short film blurs the line between documentary and fiction when a father deinstalls a heater with his son who plays the character of a man named, Robert.